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need help with lcd

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ideal world

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السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

peace be upon all of you

i am kareem gamal
this my first post
and i am glad to be with you

i do need help to learn any thing about LCD , its driver , its types and how to deal with it

and thank you for your efforts

peace be upon all of you


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You need to be a little more specific, since your post covers a range of devices with different standards.

Are you interested only in LCD's with driver chips onboard, bare glass LCD's, or both?

Are you working with a microcontroller and wish to interface to an LCD?

Which family of microcontroller?

Are you wishing to use 4 or 8 bit?

Info, info, info!

Here's something to get you started, which covers 8051 & PIC:
How to control a HD44780-based Character-LCD

And another:
HD44780 Controlled LCD

And here are a few related links from Nigel Goodwin's PIC tutorials:
Nigel's PIC Tutorial LCD Board
PIC Tutorial* Three - LCD Modules
PIC Tutorial* Four - Joysticks


ideal world

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well , thank you for your help

i am asked to make a report about lcd and how to interface it with microcontrooler

i want to interface lcd (which i dont know anything about it) with pic16F84A

and write some words on it

the main problem is that i dont know alot about LCD

and many thanks for you

ideal world

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ok i have some questions

1 - what is the difference between segment signal and common signal
2 - what i have understood that any lcd can write matrix of characters with 2 dimension and each character consists of a 2 dimension matrix of dots
3 - the RAM in the driver is to store the dot matrix of each character . is that true or not
4 - what is the character generator
5 - what is the use of the ROM
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