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Need help with HPS fixture.


New Member
I recently purchased a high pressure sodium lamp for my garage. It has 2 wires white and black. I already know white is neutral and black is hot. I'm trying to connect it to an old computer psu cord. It has brown, blue and green wires and a shield. I connected black on the lamp to brown on the cord, and blue on the cord to white on the lamp. Doesnt have a ground wire on the lamp fixture. I just wanted to know if I wired it correctly. Thanks in advance.


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Yep, I plugged them in last night, and they all work. However, I suspect the bulbs are going bad, as they keep cycling after warm up.

dr pepper

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The lamps sound dead.
Sodium lamps as they burn the voltage required to maintain the arc increases, eventually to a voltage higher than the supply and they go out, at which point they cool down & then the ignitor fires it up again.
Looks like you have duds.

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