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Need help to identify a capacitor to repair dead GTX 960 gpu

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As the title says, my graphics card died a bit ago and i need help identifying a blasted part. As far as my research went, i think that the thing is a tantalum capacitor. I am bad with smd codes and need help to identify the part "330 2R0 G19". Pic is below for referance.IMG_20190309_230414_crop_314x275.jpg
The one on the left has blown up. Need to know what exactly is this and where can i get replacement. Thanks in advance.


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Its appears to be a 330uF tantalum capacitor. The 2R0 will likely be the manufacturer series code for package, voltage and tolerance ratings. I do not know that logo off hand sorry. The G19 is probably just a production code and not important.
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if the circuit it's in is a 1.8V rail voltage, 2R0 could be the voltage. whenever possible replace tantalum caps with about a 2:1 margin on the voltage. in other words, for a 1.8V rail, use a 3.3V or 5V cap instead. if a tantalum cap is shorted it's usually from the applied voltage going above the rated voltage. even a short term spike can damage them.
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