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Need help - PICKit 2 Lite VPP error

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I just used blueroomelect's circuit to make a PICKit 2 Lite, but got a VPP Error, and the Troubleshooting Tool showed the VPP only is about 7v. can anyone help me on this problem, how can I solve this problem? Thanks!



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Have built Pickit2s but not actually used that pcb.

Your VDD message is correct - the PK2 lite supplies your target chip with the +5v direct - it does not come from the actual 2550 chip, ensure the ' VDD PICKIT2' box at the rh side of the screen is Unchecked for both +5v and Mclr.

Your VPP should be around 11-12v , must suspect you have some error around the 680uh choke area - did you use the correct value for this part ? it is important although I have used 470uh without problems.
Check for any bad joints, pcb shorts or wrong parts / orientation etc

The Pk2 checks for the correct Vpp when it starts up and will not run until its correct.

Your last screen shows a far east font intead of the OK ?? - are you using the latest software for the Chip and PK2 program from the Microchip site ? - it may be an actual bug in their software - ?


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That's not my schematic or PCB layout (I don't use Eagle)
Check your schematic against the Junebug's manual schematic, make sure the VPP transistors are wired the same way.
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