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Need help in microcontroller/board selection

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I want to design one system which need following features.

1. Graphical/Touch screen 7inch LCD interfacing for displaying and parameter controlling.
2. Approximately 100 I/O pins.
3. Low cost.

I am confused about my selection of microcontroller/board. Please suggest me that which microcontroller/board should I use ?

Ian Rogers

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You could do it with many micro's ARM, PIC... 8, 16 or 32bit.... But the bigger / faster processors will give far better usabiliy... If you use a 100 pin 8 bit and a decent LCD driver, the results on a 7" will always be too slow... If you use a 32bit running at 100Mhz +... Well!! No contest....

I use a PIC32 and a 16bit LCD interface and the results are good on a 4.3" screen....
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