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Need help in IR Remote Control Circuit

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I am trying to find some circuitry whereby I can control the Cable TV set top box in my living room from my room.

I hope to build a system whereby there is a IR receiver in my room and there is an IR transmitter in front of the set top box in the living room, this receiver and transmitter are connected together through wire not by RF. When i point the remote control at the IR Receiver in my room, the signal will pass thru the cable to the IR transmitter in the living room. The IR transmitter will transmitter the signal to the set top box.

I have attached an jpeg illustration of this system. It would be best if the circuits can be battery operated and there would be an on off switch. Can this circuit be implemented? I have searched online but couldnt find such circuit schematic. I hope to be able to construct this system instead of buying it. Is there anyone who is able to give any advises?



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Maybe some well placed mirrors. No kidding, it could work...
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