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Need help for my PLC project...

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Hello, i'm having a project titled PLC based ball counter machine where i'm going to use a plc as my controller to separate black and white balls into two different containers. I'm really fed up with what am i doing coz i juz can only build the black and white sensor using LDR.

Here i need some help on how to separate the balls into two containers. I dunno what can i use to block and let go the ball one by one. Do u guys have any suggestions?

This is an example for what should my project looks like:

EasyVeep - Modules - Ball sorting system

and this is a more advanced version which i can never make it...

YouTube - Automatic ball sorting (laboratory model) using PLC

I really need some help coz i can hardly fall asleep when i'm thinking of it http://www.electro-tech-online.com/images/smilies/smile.gif


Heh! We all have those sleepless nights when we have projects. Consider it an honor, because you're trying to use your gray matter for something useful, and that's pretty unique!

Ever play pinball? It seems to me that the paddles the pinball machine uses would be pretty easy to make with just a saw and some light material, like plywood. You can actuate them with a soliniod. Many internet electronic surplus sites sell soliniods. Just get some pretty hefty ones; better to overdesign here. Alternatively, you can try to use dc motors with limit switches.

Good luck :)
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