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Need Help For Making An Audio Mixer.

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New Member
specifications required.

- 6 channel input (4 mic , 2 auxillary)
- stereo output
- tone, bass , and treble control for each input...

plz help..


New Member
i know that.. but i have to make it myself.. have my step by step evaluation done on regular basis..

ill be glad if u can give me some circuits for makin a mixer.. not 1 .. but a few.. and also theory related to it..

Nigel Goodwin

Super Moderator
Most Helpful Member
i have checked some of them and even tried makin a few..
those circuits dont seem to work.. and at times do not give desired outputs..
i m lookin for something that has been tried.... preferably using ICs that are easily available ....
I would say that circuit is exactly what you are looking for, and it looks excellent - I've had it bookmarked for years.

If it doesn't work, or gives unexpected results, I would suggest you're probably not building it correctly?.

A mixer is a pretty simple device, and lends itself well to modular construction, and the example mentioned (as with pretty well all others) doesn't require any hard to find devices.
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