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Need help debugging a CRT Monitor (NEC XM29+)

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Hi all,

I have been trying to determine why this monitor won't power up for a week now. I have narrowed it down to the microprocessor not enabling the power gate to the rest of the power supply. However, it seems like this microprocessor is not starting up at all even though its getting power and the 8MHz crystal seems to be working. I have schematics for the entire monitor but it is very short on details on exactly what the microprocessor is doing (for example, what conditions are required to enable the power gate.

I have tried to attach the entire pdf but its too big, so instead I took a few screenshots. Maybe you guys can give me some suggestions on what to look at next. I have checked all of the microprocessor pins to see if the voltages match up with what the manual says and almost all of them do except a few (which I dont know the functions of those pins) and also don't know which pins relate to the power switch signal.

Please let me know if you need anything else from the schematic to help.


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