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need help connecting spk out to mic in & visa-versa

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Can any of you gurus help me with how to connect the speaker output of a 2way radio to a microphone in on a cell phone and visa versa? Tell me what you need and I will try sourcing it for you. All help will be greatly appreciated, as electronics is not my field of expertise


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Speaker output of most HTs is 8Ω available on a 1/8" mono jack.

There are no standards AT ALL about mic inputs to cell phones, let alone standardized connectors. You are at the mercy of your cell phone maker for standards and connectors.

Can you just hold the cell phone up to the HT and use audio coupling?
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The connectors for both obviously, and a simple potentiometer to drop the voltage, use the POT at it's lowest setting and increase until you get an acceptable volume, then either leave the POT in place or measure the resistance of the POT lines and chose static resistor values.
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