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Need for technical support for IGBT Infineon

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We are using the IGBT model Infineon FS450R17KE3 with drive ABB model AGDR-71C together. We would like to know that if we replace the IGBT FS450R17KE3 by the new IGBT model FS450R12KE3, is it possible or not?
FS450R17KE3-AGDR-71C (4).jpg


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They are different breakdown voltages, different forward voltage drop (conduction losses), and different gate charge (switching time and switching losses). If you can handle that, sure.

The 1200V is more efficient because lower forward voltage drop, so the biggest issue is the lower breakdown voltage and whether the faster rising/fall times are going to cause issues with the drive (ringing, oscillation, spikes, etc). Gate charge is pretty similar though so I would think you're probably okay as far as ringing or oscillations. As long as you don't need the 1700V.


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