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Need an RF transmitter/receiver

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I am looking for a turn key solution, a transmitter/receiver package I can purchase that will fit the following:

Transmitter and receiver run off 12-15 volt DC
Receiver can possible run from 5 to 9 volt DC
Receiver no bigger than 2inches long by 1 inch high by 1/2 inch thick
Transmitter needs to take a 12volt DC on/off signal [source signal] ( the signal is the 12/volt DC going from on to off to on and so on)
and send that on/off to the receiver
Receiver needs to take that on/off and switch another wire on/off to mimic the wire connected as the signal source
to the transmitter

Any ideas??

I believe these could work but the transmitter seems to be button activated and I don't think that it would do what I need but is there another version or can this one be modified?

1-Channel RF Receiver - Wireless Receiver for RF Remote Control SK-910R - Smarthome

Wired 1-Button Triggered Transmitter SK-919TDWS-BU - Smarthome
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