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Nanosolar begins shipping "world's lowest-cost solar panel"


Active Member
I'm unconvinced... they're selling a few on eBay as a publicity stunt. Not a quantity and not $1/W. "Shipping" is when I can go online and pay the $10K for 10KW as promised.

I don't think they're putting them in weatherproof frames either for that price, so the total installation cost is not described.

In fact the whole reason to compete over efficiency is that the installation cost- frames and supporting framework- composes a lot of the total cost and depends directly on the panel size.


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I always thought it was the price of the cells that kept solar so expensive. Ah well they're always hoping the $1/W will happen someday...


New Member
We all hope that $1/W will happen someday.

Meanwhile, the unit on ebay is being sold as a collectible, with no power spec, and isn't guaranteed to work. And you pay today for delivery in 2009.


New Member
Maybe they design alternate energy products drinking snake oil?


Active Member
the reason an individual can't buy the cells right now is because they are already sold out, far into 2009. The entire production capacity of the plant has been purchased by big name sponsors of the start-up.

I hope that their success will spawn copy-cats, especially in China, and they can start cranking out tons of these.

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