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my zvs driver fails


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any ideas?

parts list is as follows

X2 .47uf 275VAC

PM2110 47 uh 10% bourns power inductor (???)



BZX85C12 12V 1W zener diodes

470Ω 5w / 10kΩ 3w resistors

I tried to power it up from a bench supply at 5 amps 12 to 32 volts. the Flyback used was a
modern CRT flyback with 5+5 center tapped magnet wire (works fine with my 555 driver). if pictures of the driver itself ect or anything else are needed let me know anything to help you help me =)

dr pepper

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Looks well made, would that be a mined pc power supply heatsink?

I've built the same circuit, with n channel fets I had lying in my scrap box and not even a pcb, just soldered up on a heatsink and it still works fine, the resonant capacitor accross the lopty primary seems to be critical, I messed about with a few values and theres a point where the lopty resonates well, about 30kc which not that far from what they'd see in a crt circuit.

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