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My (Chinese) tig welder won't switch off the arc

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Carl McIntosh

New Member
Hey everyone
I have a Nevada wsme tig 200 (which no longer seems to exist on the internet) it had been working fine for a few years and all of a sudden I cannot switch off the arc. From the moment you turn it on, it's trying to weld. If the torch is not connected, or not in a weld position there is a spark gap in the machine that makes a really loud clicking till the welder shuts off (overload I'm assuming) it's a pretty bright spark. It has always done this if I were to switch the torch on with no weld surface. I have done continuity tests on the switch and it works fine. I must confess I am no expert of electronics at all, just saw a thread from people that sound like they know their stuff. Can anyone help me with this as I am at a complete loss and can't afford to buy a new welder. Hence the Chinese knock off.
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