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Musical instruments as Smart connected devices in IOT applications.


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it's not an IOT device, but it is a musical instrument with microcontroller hardware in it, and it's a very cool instrument. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibson_Robot_Guitar

as to the question of:"If there's a thing, and we can put that thing on the internet, should we put that thing on the internet?", this should be required watching
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Can we have Musical instruments as Smart connected devices in Internet of Things (IOT) applications?

Examples : Synthesizer, Electronic Keyboards, Piano, Guitar etc
That's what MIDI exists for; any devices with real MIDI connections on DIN sockets can be plugged together and work.

You could hypothetically add internet interfaces to those MIDI ports, but the major downside of that is the added delay; even a few tens of milliseconds between hitting a key / drum or picking a string etc. and hearing the sound really messes things up.

In practice it can work over a LAN that has minimal buffering and delays (I use "rtpmidi" on occasion - https://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/rtpmidi.html ), but I do not think routing over the internet would be acceptable due to the much increased buffering times giving longer delays.

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