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Multi-Input Event Counter Schematic Needed

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Hello all,

First time here! I work in an arena environment. We still use turn styles to count ticket holders for certain events (non Ticketmaster events). I need a faster way to total drop counts as we near building capacity with crowds of people waiting to enter. Today we manually add each turn style's event counter to get a total. This takes 10-15 minutes and the crowds can get a tad unruly having to wait. So I am looking for a way to sum up to 8-12 inputs (turn styles), and show a total count on a five digit display. Also need the following functions
1. A counter reset back to zero
2. A control to decrement total count by one (people leaving vs people entering)
3. Battery backup input..for power failure. (Bonus)
4. Be able to drive a large LED segment display. (Bonus-I can live with small display)

Not sure if this matters, but each turn style take three "people" to make one complete revolution. The manual counters does count each third rotation as "one" entry. So I need to use a hall effect switch or magnets and relays to interface to the event counter circuit to account for each third of a rotation for proper counting.

Wish list...
1. Somehow have each turn style wired to a single laptop with an app that displays the total count.
2. Maybe the app shows counts by turn style and a the grand real time total.
3. Save data by event, by turn style, by a user defined time frame & grand total @ the end of the night. (Comma delimited text file or Excel format)

My building expierence is with DIPS and standard components. I have the ability to create double sided boards, but not multi-layerd boards or SMT's. I use an Architecture CAD App @ work. I'm an old EE who graduated LONG ago and not worked in the field for many many years so I am hoping for some help here!

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Many thanks,

EMAIL: [email protected]
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