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mp3/avi player

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i have an idea for a project but have no idea how to do it. basically, what i want is a remote with display for my comp to play mp3's (and video) from a different room to comp. basically how itll work is there will be a screen (LCD type) and keyboard (consistin on 4 arrows, 'wake' (to turn screen on), play, stop, browse and 2 for volume. (the idea of searching is from my mp3 player - archos jukebox 20). the display is to be connected to a computer (can be a seperate comp, connected via network to my comp)where the files are stored, then wen play is pressed for that file to be played (if audio, for the music to play thru speakers, if video (film etc) for it to play sound thru speakers and play picture thru a TV (connected to scart).

If any1 does have an archos jukebox 20 mp3 player, itz to oprtate in a similar was apart fomr the screen will be LCD and video would be external and operate from a remote PC.

ne1 kno how this could be done?
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