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Movie Projector

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Hello everyone. I'm new on the forums but I have always wanted to get into electronics and will be an active member on the forums I'm sure.

I have a big camping trip coming up in a few months and thought it would be great to bring a large movie projector to entertain everyone. Needless to say, those run about 400+ for a decent one.

So I thought about building one. I broke it down into a few parts:

The lens system: I could scrounge this or look on ebay for a cheap slide projector or something. Anything used to project a large image w/ focusing system would work.

The display & circuit: I have a idea here but I don't know if it would work. I have a old PDA with a decent color screen that I don't use. Its not super high resolution though. (3.5" TFT active matrix 16-bit (64K colors), 240 x 320) I'm guessing that res would not work around the 50"+ range. Does anyone know a resolution that would be recommended?

My Idea is to remove that screen down to the transparent glass. I'll build a super bright LED light source to put behind the screen. Reflect that on a few mirrors to the lens and project to the screen. Now hopefully I could get the video player built in the PDA to play the videos correctly, but I may have to make a circuit that takes RCA input video and outputs it to my own screen driver circuit to drive the PDA screen or a higher resolution screen. Any input on these ideas?

Thanks for any input!


Search on Google you might find some nuggets of wisdom from the few people that have done this before. One thing I remember from what I've read is that they tend to be pretty bulky.
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