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MOSFET Bridge Rectifier With Low Forward Drop, Works With Capacitive Output 2017-01-16

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crutschow submitted a new article:

MOSFET Bridge Rectifier with Low Forward Drop for Capacitor Output - MOSFET Bridge Rectifier gives high efficiency for low voltage, high current AC-DC supplies

The lowest input to output voltage drop you can get with a standard bridge rectifier is nearly a volt through the 2 conducting diodes for each half cycle, even with Schottky diodes in the bridge.
That can generate a dissipation of about a watt per amp of output current in the bridge diodes.

A MOSFET bridge circuit has a very low voltage drop, as determined by the ON resistance of the selected MOSFETs, thus it can be less than a 100 millivolts for common, low on-resistance MOSFETs, even for...
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One question. I note that the 10mOhm resistor is for a particular voltage, to give 7mv bias to the comparator. Is it possible to make this dynamic based on the voltage in and if so what would you suggest? The reason I ask is I'm aiming for a 36V rectifier (I'll take care of Vgs as well).
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