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Modular Enclosure to Mount (4) LEDs On

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Hello all!

I'm working on a project in which my current plan is to build about 50 little LED "blocks," each with 4 LEDs on the (RGBA).

In my head, the blocks are about 1.5" x 1.5" x .5". Each needs a minimum of four conductors going into the blocks, and a minimum of four conductors going out of the blocks - as I'll be wiring each block in series of 3s. So Block 1 comes from (4) 12VDC + channels, and Block 3 goes to a common ground.

I'm thinking of the cheapest, most efficient, and most reusable way to do this. My current thought is to purchase some dual port RJ11 surface mount jacks (iofast » Telephone » RJ11 Surface Mount Boxes » RJ11 Modular Dual Port Surface Mount Jack - White) and install the LEDs on top of the boxes. Then I can use cheap phone cable to link each box together.

Just wondering if any of you brilliant folks out there have any other suggestions for modular blocks/enclosures with a cheap and efficient means of getting a total of (8) conductors in & out of there.



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You might use R/A male and female pin headers mounted one each on one board.

They can stand up to 2A, require little space and can be cut to any desired number of pins.

Last not least they are cheap.

As for correct polarity I don't think somebody is stupid enough to mount the boards together, one with the LEDs on top and the other upside down. :)

To prevent even false mounting you might use one extra pin with the desired male pin removed, but the female connector blocked. Don't use the outer pin though. Idiots will find a way to connect the boards the wrong way.

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