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Modem protocol analyzers

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Hi, I recently completed my sophomore year in EE. I'm on summer
break right now and am not taking classes. I'm bored!

I'm looking to work on a non-academic EE project this summer.
I'm interested in learning more about modems.

There are companies that sell modem protocol analyzers which
seem to be pretty expensive. These devices can capture and
analyze data sent between two modems at low speed.


Are these devices difficult to build? I am thinking about spending
the summer trying to build one for myself.



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Tell me exactly how much software you want envolved?
Meaning, if you were to physically connect a standard V.92 modem into a line of a modem you want to monitor, and the rest of the work would be done in software on your PC would that be ok with you?
I mean that's not much work, and a lot of guys dont like using other peoples software (I suppose me too), 'cause I'm sure I have seen something like that around somewhere...


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Well, to tell you the truth, I dont reply very often, but your post rules!
I mean WOW! Hardware hacking is soooo much better than that stupid networking stuff!
YOU HAVE TO COMPLETE THIS!!! (Your new mission - save the world)
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