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MLCC capacitor bank overvoltage protection

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Consider an AC rectified input of 0-100v but of low impedance which under load will drop to 6V, so 8.4V DC.

The AC frequency is low (5-20Hz) and to improve performance capacitance is to be included after rectification.

Unfortunately space is very tight, so this will need to be made up from MLCC's which are 10V at the required capacitance levels.

Would the attached schematic work? I considered using two mosfets from the capacitors but I don't think this would work, on the rising edge the capacitors would be 6v, mosfets on, and the higher voltage would flow into them. Instead a schottky over the first mosfet would improve efficiency.





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How much current would you need to dissipate? You could make a shunt regulator with TL431 and drive a transistor so that it dumps the input current to maintain less than 10V.
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