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MIPI DSI implementation

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Where can I check specification for MIPI DSI interface?
Are there any code samples ( controller driver implementations)available for MIPI DSI?
Is there any way how to check if a particular LCD uses this MIPI DSI interface?
Thank you for your feedback

lord loh.

According to this site,

Specifications are available to MIPI members only.
The LCD specs should say what interface it is using. The Raspberry Pi uses the DSI. I also found - https://hackaday.io/project/364-mipi-dsi-display-shieldhdmi-adapter. It is an FPGA project that claims to have built a DSI controller. The block diagram leads me to think that they have actually done it in the FPGA. This is their git repository - https://github.com/twlostow/dsi-shield . It would be some task reverse engineering the verilog to understand the DSI implementation.

Hope this helps :-/
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