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Minimum trace widhts for heavy copper layer

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Hi All,

I just received an email in return of a request for a power PCB with 2oz of copper layer. (normally 1oz is used).

The minimum trace distance for standard boards is 6mils while for 2oz copper layer 10mils are required.

Using Eagle to fill e.g. the ground layer (polygon on the desired layer and "ratsnest") the trace spacing will be 6mils, hence unusable for the PCB manufacturer.

Consequently using any layer to fill with ground for heavy duty (2oz) the traces have to be made manually.




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In the PCB editor, go to Edit->Design Rules. You can change the defaults under the 'clearance' and 'distance' tabs. This is in Eagle 5.4.0 full version.

The 'isolate' option for the ground plane is an easier way to do it without changing your global preferences.
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