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Mil temp DC:DC converters

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Hi all,

I am after some help in tracking down a suitable DC:DC converter

It must have Military temp range.
Nominal input voltage of 28V (but if needs be a nominal of 12V)
1000V DC isolation
+/- 15V output on the isolated side
5W power handling

The thing is TRACO do all bar the temperature range (only -40 to +85C) and InterPoint do all bar the isolation (only 500V DC). I have spoken to an Interpoint sales rep and have informed him abt the growing need for higher DC isolation. He stated that others have has the same query. He is going to see what they can do to up teh isolation.

So I am asking you all here. What other DC:DC converter maunfacturers do you know of?

NewPort is out of the question. Have had very bad expersiences with them in the past. They might be good for a quick isolation. But they need to be loaded to work effectively



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Sebi said:
Newport today = RECOM. I've found on my CD RP05-1215DA.(EUROLINE)
Anyway www.recom-international.com
nice, but I need teh tempurature range: -55C to +125C
The only company I have found that does the temp range is Interpoint but they dont have the isolation
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