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Microcontroller Board (Development Tool) Suggestions

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Hi all,

Im currently doing a conveyor system project.
The system is to transport a ticket from pt to pt.

I need a micro controller board to control 3 dc servo motors, 6 pairs of optic/IR sensors and an actuator.
Due to my lack of knowledge in the electronics field, i am unable to make a decision on the board.

I have done some reading and research. I am looking for one that can communicate via serial comms/usb. Currently, the Arduino Uno and Nano looks good.

However I'm still searching for more options (looking for about 4; to make comparisons and decide) and would gladly appreciate some help/recommendations.

Hope to get some advices. Thanks! :)


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Here's an option: Just scan it and send electronically. If the ticket is structured information, you would only need to send the information, not image.

There is the Microchip Microstick board that has an on board usb programmer. STM and NXP have some cheap 32 bit demo boards that have on board programming/debugging that are also interesting, ...too many choices:).
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