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Meter with load button and vibrate alarm

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Hello gentlemen,

I have a couple of fluke meters that work quite well and at the same time the environment I work in make it very difficult to hear the beep of a continuity test,which I do a lot, and also sometimes difficult to see the digital display and that started me searching for a meter with a vibrate and/or LED function and couldn't find anything in Fluke but someone pointed me to Duspol which has another function that interested me which is load simulation via a button on the meter.

Anyone familiar with these meters? Are there other alternatives?



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Search for Wigginton or Wiggy or Solenoid Meters. They were invented back in 1918 circa.

dr pepper

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I also work in a noisy place, manufacturing, I have a cheapo meter that has a useful function, it shows all the lower segments for open and all the upper segments for continuity, sort of a low line for open and a high line for shorted.
I've worked with leccy's that have made their own tester, using a loud piezo buzzer or lamp.


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I do a lot of wire tracing say from the rear to the front of an aircraft ( 3meter long bundle of 20 or so wires) in order to crimp the wires into a connector. I just use a Sonalert and an 9V battery. Both battery and Sonalert have alligator clips, so I can put one at one end, and take the other to the opposite end. I can hear the Sonalert even with my head down under the instrument panel...
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