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Measuring rise and fall time of a LED

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hi everbody

i need to measure infrared led rise time and fall time
how can i measure it and whivh driver circuit shuold i use?
do i need photodiode?
or can i measure directly from oscilloscope

many thanks


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What time accuracy do you need?

The LED light output rise and fall times are very close to its electrical input rise and fall time so for reasonable accuracy you can just measure that with an oscilloscope.

If you actually need to measure the light output rise time, then you would need a photo diode with a high speed amplifier.


I've heard of having an IR detector at the input of an oscilloscope and using that for measurements. Not sure how accurate it is though, you would have to try it.


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i can use oscilloscope but i m not professionel to use oscilloscope. for example which connection configuration should i do with oscilloscope and should i look at frequency or voltage? pratically how can i do?

thank you for all responces
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