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MATLAB check

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Anyone else use MATLAB here. Im just getting into it and found it very usefull for even small things like scripts for calculations:

%-- AtomSoftTech MATLAB AMS1117 ADJ Calc --%
Vin = 5;  %-- Voltage    --%
Vref = 1.25; %-- Refrence Voltage from Datasheet --%
Iout = 0.5;  %-- Current Out --%
R1 = 220; %-- Resistor 1 --%
R2 = 370; %-- Resistor 2 --%
Iadj = 0.00005; %-- IADJ from datasheet --%

Vout = Vref*(1+R2/R1)+Iadj*R2       %-- Calculate VOUT --%
PowerDis = (Vin-Vout)*(Iout)        %-- Calculate POWER DISSIPATION --%
HeatCelcius = 45 * PowerDis         %-- Calculate Heat in Celsius--%
This is my script to calculate a AMS1117 :

Power Dissipation
Heat in Celsius

Just change some normal values and it will do all the work! I like this :D


Along with all these, if you see its graphing ability and what Simulink can do, you will find it more useful.


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yeah, Im not going to lie i learned more digital electronics than analog. I need to learn analog and this matlab should be a huge help in that. I cant wait to get into the heavy stuff heh but i got to redo the basics heh
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