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Maths Trigonometry I Need To Know Now

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I hi need some help with my maths homework which is due in tomorrow if anyone could help me i am desprate. I have scanned the questions which are D) E) F) i dont understand or i cant work out you have to solve both the X & Y in the questions The Answers are D) X= 25.02 Y= 3.32 E) X= 66.75 Y= 84.57 F) X=63.23 Y=78.50 I gave you the answers from the back of the book but i need help solving the workings

If someone could help me this would be excellent !!!!!!



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for F/: sin90/70=sin50/z will get you side between 40 and 32 degrees.
you wil get 53.62.
(cross multiply for all)
then sin58/53.62 = sin90/x
will get you 63.23 = x

then for y

sin40/n=sin90/70 will get you left side of y 45
sin32/n=sin58/53.62 will get you right side of y 33.5
thus 78.5

do that for the rest


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Hi Zambo,

I'm not familiar with that term,
although i can see what it seems to mean ...
so i looked on google.
apparently not many others are either.


Seems it just means a letter representing an unknown
numerical value.
Most of us call that a variable.

Check out this site:
It has some neat explanations of trig concepts,
and some trig toys to play with.



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Hi Zambo,

The 'y' in Q.1d.
is the difference in height between two triangles.

The height of the 38 degree triangle
subtracted from
the height of the 44 degree triangle.

Height being TAN x BASE,
so for 38 degrees we have (TAN 38 ) x 18 = height
thats (0.781 x 18 ) = 14.058

and for 44 degrees we have (TAN 44) x 18 = height
thats (0.965 x 18 ) = 17.370

Subract 14.058 from 17.370 leaving 3.312

I hope the method is clear,
my figures are slightly different,
i only went to third place decimal.

Best of luck,


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That site was pretty handy actually i have finally got it all finished thanks alot everyone it was great to recive some advice


(Maths= Simple Universal Logic)
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