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Massive Cheap Hobbyist Electronics Components Clearance (ICs, LCD, Connectors, Mechanical Parts, etc.)



I am clearing my collection of hobbyist electronics components as I no longer have the time to play with them.

The lot contains more than $2000 worth of electronics parts - mostly digital electronics (ICs, LCD modules, micro controllers, micro processors), analog components (resistors, capacitors, transistors, inductors) and many other interesting parts I have been collecting since 2012.

A detailed inventory list of almost everything in the lot can be found here https://www.dropbox.com/s/mq2547a25htjvod/electronics stocks simplified.xls?dl=0
Take note that the list was last updated in Nov 2016 when I last had any free time to touch my home lab. After that, a few components (mostly capacitors) and some ICs were purchased from eBay and added to the lot but not to the inventory list due to lack of time. Nevertheless, the inventory list is as accurate as it can be and it should contain more than 98% of what is present in the lot.

See attached for photos of the drawers containing these components. I accept payment via Paypal. Shipping will be approximately 95USD for a 5kg package from Singapore, which should be more than enough for all the components. The drawers are obviously not included in the sale but components will be categorized and sorted properly before shipping.

Feel free to PM me to make an offer, either for the whole lot or only for items in specific categories. I will also be happy to provide exact shipping cost if you let me know your location.


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