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Macros for the DuinoMite in Sprint Layout


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G'day Guy's,
Well as the Arduino pinout on boards are weird spacing I just made up a temple and saved it as a macros so when I want to design a new shield board I won't have to manually go thru the pain of the spacing again.

View attachment Duinomite Pinout.zip I zipped up the macos just to make it sure it would attach.

Now here is a picture of it with the pin numbers matching the DuinoMite board

Duinomite Pinout.PNG

Regards Bryan


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Hi Ian,
The Maximite and Duinomite use either a pic32mx695F512 or a pic32mx795F512 so I'm not real sure if a PIC32MX320F128 will be up for the task. The UBW32 bit wacker board has been ported over and one can use the 50 in/outs in MMbasic too. To date I haven't seen any one port the code over to a Uno32.

Regards Bryan

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