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Mackie Control Universal LCD Screen is acting weird

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Hey guys, I have a Mackie Control Universal Midi Controller and the last 15 x 2 squares of the LCD screen is acting weird.
Sometimes it's blank, sometimes it's scrolling to the right then disapears after a while, sometimes I see lines going down for a while, sometimes it works well for a couple of minutes then disapears.

I would really appreciate your help and I've uploaded a video (click on the link below) and I've attached the schematics here.


Thank you so much!


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I don't think the screen itself is the problem because of the way text often move to the right and do weird things. I re soldered most solder points that could have cracked and reconnected the ribbon cables to make sure it wasn't a connection issue and nothing changed :( I would really appreciate help if anyone has experience with that kind of issues. Thanks!


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The power supply brick for this thing is notoriously bad (I made measurements). I was having similar issues except when the screen would dim or blank, the whole unit would restart (fader calibration would begin). I couldn't see the video, but is yours "browning out" like that? For my third PSU I got a non-Mackie unit such as this and it has been working wonderfully since. The data scrolling you mention does indicate something wrong with the dataline connections though.

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