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Looking for Circuit Design Will Pay $$

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Hi, It's been a long time since I was on this forum, but you guys have helped me out in the past. If this isn't in the right category let me know and I will move it.

I'm looking to hire someone for a one time project, that I want to build for a chicken coop I have. I need to open and close the door every morning and every night. There is a company in the UK that has a automatic chicken door but it goes for around $200 US Dollars. I was hoping to recreate something like it but better of course.

Light & Dark or Time Initiated Circuit;
It will be enclosed in a water resistant housing, and run off of batteries. I've found some good small gear motors that they use in robotics to use for the motor device. Not sure if there is a better option for the motor, if so let me know. The ones I looked at you need to reverse polarity to switch directions.

Automatic doors for poultry housing
Hobby Engineering: Geared DC Motors (Assembled) Category (Miniature Metal Gear Motor)

Here's how it works; It will be setup with a small gear motor with pulley on it, The string is attached to a aluminum door that sits in a rail. When the photocell detects it's light outside it will power the gear motor to open the door. When it's dusk or getting dark the door will close back down again and reset for the next day. This is the most basic version I'm looking for. Not sure how to terminate the motor when it's open or closed properly, was thinking of micro switch's but I'm sure there is an easier way.

I also wanted to add the option of a built in timer, so instead of using the photocell one could change a few dip switch settings and it would initiate off of the timer for both open and close or just one either open or close and the other one would still initiate with the photocell. Will also need to have adjustable pots for the opening and closing adjustments of the photocell. Also wanted to add an override switch that would allow opening & closing without the use of the circuit to test it.

Well I'm sure I will have a few inquires, I would like to make it as simple as possible for the lowest $ of course. Just looking for the circuit design with component list. If someone feels they can build me a working model that's even better. Let me know what your ideas are, I just want to make sure it will last a lifetime once built.

I'm not sure what a good price would be to pay someone to design this, but I figured at least $100 should be a good start, That might not be enough so just let me know. If I select you and you want to build a working model then I will pay any expenses associated with that. I have a business paypal account and will pay through that.

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All inquires can be sent to my business email; [email protected]. Thanks!


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A good possible prebuilt device is a gate valve controller. They are commonly used on larger farming equipment to open and close large valves and shutters on air and hydro seeder machines. If you can find a used one or know a farmer that used them he may have a dead one laying around! they are typically just a rotary or linear actuator with limit switches at each end. The ones I have fixed were just a pair of micro switches with a set of diodes configured so that when the actuator hit the end switch the power to the motor was disconnect in that direction. However when the Power was reversed the diode bypassed that switch in the opposite direction and allowed the motor to turn the other way. When it hit the second end with it stopped the motor again. That switch was wired with a diode facing the opposite way so when the polarity reversed it would run again and open the valve.

There are also air handling zone control units that open and close large air handling shutters in commercial heating and cooling systems. They typically run on line voltage and are often triggered to run to one set point with one input wire and then automatically to reverse back to a second set point when the power is removed from that wire.

$100 I will sell you a complete 120 volt powered photo detection operated system!
Full schematics and every thing you need to know included!
So what color would you like? :)

My business is geared toward custom application designs, so this no problem for me to build one.

I get my chickens at the store. They never need to be let out! ;):D
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PM sent, still looking for someone who will design as stated.


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bump to top..still looking
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