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Looking for a waterproof 8 pin inline connector

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I started browsing the web to hopefully find what I'm looking for but became overwhelmed with the vast choices out there. Anyway, here's the email I sent to a bunch of differnet retailers, hopefully someone here can help me out too.

I have the VIO P.O.V. 1.5 camera for that I use for motocross/woods riding. The one issue I have is the camera cable. I have the camera mounted on the side of my helmet and the recorder secured in a fanny pack. The cable is then secured to my hydration back pack or run underneath my shirt to prevent it from snagging or getting in the way of my arm. If I stop riding, for whatever reason, I have to carry my helmet around with me or take off all the camera gear: fanny pack, hydration back pack, disconnect the cable and pull it through my shirt. It's pretty much a hassle.

To make using this camera alot easier would be to have another QUICK-CONNECT plug (like the one on the recorder) on the cable six inches before the camera. Then I could take off my helmet, disconnect the quick connector and not have to deal with anything else.

I contacted the manufacturer and they suggested to purchase a different model camera head that uses a separate cable to the tune of $230 for both. All I really need is to splice in some sort of quick connector, preferably something round, water resistant and that “clicks” rather than threads together.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Here’s some photos of what I’m talking about. The cable is hardwired to the camera head.



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Have you tried a company named AMP / TYCO? I am president of a scale company in IN. and we have used a varity of connectors over the years. AMP has a good selection. Just a thought.

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