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looking for a suitable rs232 converter

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i am kinda of a noob in electronics, currently in the process of building a wireless LED Dot Matrix Display

To send the signals from my computer wirelessly to the microcontroller,

im looking for a rs232-TTL converter IC that only converts it first to a TTL Level with the output to the transmitter without signal inversion yet.Let's say a -6.8V from my serial port enters the input.This IC should convert it to an output of 0V (TTL Level) . (based on the schematic diagram 2 transistors are needed for the job)

The reason im not inverting it yet at the beginning is so that I can reduce noise transmitted during the idle state of the transmitter where a continuous flow of LOGIC 1s will always be transmitted.(which will cause alot of noise at the receiver)

Then im looking for another IC which does the signal inversion at the receiver end before being sent to the microcontroller input.

i would be really grateful if anyone could provide me with the datasheet/IC to look for online...thanks..
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