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Looking for 1 cent SMD LEDs

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MPJA has 3 mm red LEDs for 100 for $1.25. If possible I would like to find a reel of SMD leds 603 or larger for about the same price. I only need about 500 but would buy a reel of up to 3000 parts.

Ebay is a bit of a mess on this. The search engine does not return anything for LED 805 but it has over 400 hits for LED SMD and some are 805's.

Could be I am looking for a ghost.


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Well I wish you good luck with your hunt for cheap LEDs - I have seen quite cheap LEDs in these quantities (reel of 3000 or 4000) but not THAT cheap ... LiteOn seems to be cheap manufacturer but still not getting even close to such price. I have seen 2.7 cent unit price for a LED (red, 0805) - and it was a reel of 4000. But hopefully you'll have a better luck sourcing the LEDs :)



BgMicro had some Yellow for .04 a while back, not sure about the specs or size (don't do SMD, much), but they are extremely bright. Goldmine has several, but not that cheap. Being surplus, might ask if they'd consider a bulk price, maybe get lucky...


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I get my LED's (through-hole) from Alan Parekh Electronic Projects Online Store

You could also try Digikey, they have some in the 5 cent range, but looks like that is only for the 4000 count reels. Maybe someone here would be willing to split a reel with you, or you can make a post and sell some of them through amazon (I hate ebay and paypal...)
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