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Logitech MX310 mousewheel clip spring nightmare


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If some of you intend to remove dust from this particular mouse model (obsolete now). By dissassembling the mouse wheel, you'll probably just have to trash it:


There is a little clip spring, that make the mouse wheel to tick around (not spin freely). When you first open the mouse and take the wheel out, the little clip spring seems (and feel) to be properly fastened.


I have had twi identical mouse models, same happens to both: After a couple of minutes, the spring flies off, and personally I never found it again.
I do not know the force of the spring (i.e how far it may fly away) or in which direction it tends to fly.

I'll probably be able to make a sort of fix by bending some other metal string, but I doubt it get as usable as before.

So do this if you've ever to remove the wheel

Either remove the clip spring (I haven't done that myself, it did it itself) or wrap the plastic spacer / spring holder into some soft tissue to prevent the spring to fly off.

Hope this can be helpful for somebody else that happens to sit on this model that think about remove dust from it.



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That looks like a job for a paper-clip :).


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During repairs to many different things....( I am of the belief that if it was damaged and unworkable, I will take it apart and fix it or salvage parts ) nothing lost by trying. I made a magnetic sweeper to find small metal parts. springs. screws, that fly off or drop to the floor. It has become a life saver. If the part is metallic
the strong magnet (from speakers or microwave ) will find it, if not magnetic, the small vacumm cleaner attached to it will. I use a felt to cover the work (assembly/disassembly area).


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Well, this happens to be on the kitchen, so magnet might help if the spring didn't flew to frying pans.


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Update: I figured I'd try to put the mouse back together without the spring, and the result:
* Works perfectly - I can even scroll faster (and further due to the inertia of the wheel)
* Wife less prone to complain about scrolling sounds (because it's silent now) :p

I've still not found the spring, maybe it flew so fast and out of space and time (oh some physicists may complain and say it's all about spacetime and shouldn't be considered two separate things) o_O

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