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LM 741 Questions

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Hi all i have a problem with a LM741 op-amp,
when calculating the output voltage i should have when inputting 12vpp using the formula Vo = Vi(1+Rf/Ri) and the values being vi = 12 rf = 6k Ri = 1.5k i should be having an output of 60v, but when building and simulating my design i only have 27.8v.
it works when i use 2vpp as the output is the exact same as my calculations.
any help would be great, below is the circuit
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Thanks both,
sorry i'm a beginner and supposed to be writing a report on the results! makes a lot more sense when someone points it out ha ha.
do you know if 30v is the max supply for a LM741
Thanks again


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do you know if 30v is the max supply for a LM741
Have a look at the datasheet.

I have also corrected the part number in the tread title.



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If you want to continue with learning electronics, one of the first things you should do is learn to read datasheets.
It will save you a lot of grief and misunderstanding in using a part.


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The 741 opamp was designed 50 years ago (!) and modern opamps are much better.
Its datasheet shows that with your plus and minus 15v supply some 741 opamps cannot produce more than 12V into a 10k ohms load.

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