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LINKS: Character LCD's, tutorials and info

Discussion in 'Microcontrollers' started by 3v0, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. 3v0

    3v0 Coop Build Coordinator Forum Supporter

    Jul 14, 2006
    This thread is a collection of posts and links about using character based LCD's with the Hitachi 44780 controller or compatible. Currently it includes therory, and implementations or PIC and AVR in ASM Swordfish Basic and c. Included are tutorials to convert the LCD interface to SPI, I2C and shift register based interfaces.

    Note: This thread is a living document so please start a thread in microcontroller or PM 3v0 with additions or corrections.

    Command Summaries by Controller Type

    LCD Commands for HD44780

    Simulator DjLCDSIM
    Dincer's JavaScript LCD Simulator V 1.06
    see attachment or http://www.dinceraydin.com/djlcdsim/djlcdsim.html

    How to use Intelligent LCD's by Julyan Ilett. Part one is an introduction to HD 44780 LCD's that even people whit no programming background can understand. Part two continues with interfacing them to the PIC16F84 in ASM.
    HD 44780-lcd-tutorial-lcd1.pdf
    HD 44780-lcd-tutorial-lcd2.pdf

    Chistopher Burian's LCD MODULE FAQ

    Nigel Goodwin has an comprehensive tutorial series using PIC ASM. Tutorial 3 covers how to use an LCD text module.
    Nigel's PIC Tutorial Page

    Arhi's thread on using adding a PIC16F690 to the LCD so it can be used as an I2C device.

    Target Board Specific Interfacing

    For Arduino
    Arduino - LCDLibrary
    Arduino playground - SerialLCD

    LCD programmable charater generator for Swordfish BASIC plugin

    Hardware Interface Sources Suggested by ETO Members
    LCD117: 9600 baud Serial LCD plus variable LED backlight intensity plus four outputs. (profit goes to education)

    A site with lots of information

    Authors websites:
    Felis: Circuits@Home
    Futz: Futz's Microcontrollers and Electronics
    Myke Predo: none
    Nigel: Nigel's PIC Tutorial Page
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