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Lightning Detector

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I need help on creating a PCB circuit of a lighting detector for my final year project..Thank you


What help specifically do you need?


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thank u

I need you to guide me through the entire process.....so what do i need to do first?
what are the components ill be needing.i wish to design one that will have a small screen (counter) for counting and recording the strikes.
Thank you once again


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Since this is your final year project--Not ours--you will need to find where you want to start. We can really only help with individual problems or questions you have.
To start, I would suggest you google "lightning detector schematic" or something similar, just to find where you want to begin.
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May I ask what course you have been taking, as it seems a bit strange that you would try to design a FINAL YEAR project without having any grounding in the subject matter. I cant remember what kind of transisitor it was (mabey a 2n7000 mosfet?!?!?) but with a long wire attached attached to the base/gate it could detect the static from me moving around the room. Mabey with an amplifier and some test data it would pick up a lightning strike in the distance??


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1. Go to automotive junkyard
2. Remove radio from 1956 or 57 Chevrolet.
3. Connect long wire to antenna jack.
4. Tune to dead spot on AM band.
5. As thunderstorm approaches count loud crashes from speaker.

More complex version follows:

6. Place diode bridge across speaker terminals.
7. Run bridge output to counter.

I have another thought using a kite and a long wire connected to the kite but when flying the kite in severe storm you likely won't get past almost one in counting. I advise against this method.



Flowz, that's what instructors are for, we're not teachers here. We'll HELP with anything but what your requestion isn't help it's holding of your hand through the learning process.
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