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LG Plasma 50PS3000-ZB

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Hi. Can anyone help with a niggle I have with my two year old plasma? I'll cut to the chase. I was sat feeling smug after diagnosing a bad ZSUS board. Even smugger when I found the right replacement new part for £125 and carefully fitted it this morning. Picture is good but on closer inspection it seems my celebratory beer in front of the Moto GP may has been a bit premature. It's not quite as sharp as it should be and the speed or rate seems slower. I.E it seems blury on faster moving programs especially sports. I was wondering if the three orange tab connectors have gone back in properly but I wondered if anyone with more knoledge could help me out before I open her up again. I've had a few beers now so it could end in tears- (then I'll have to go to buy more beers)


Well if you're getting picture and sound you know it's working at least.

Crack it open (before cracking open any more beers ;)) and double check every single last connector that you removed while fiddling with it, remove them, clean them with a contact cleaning solvent, dry thoroughly and reseat all the connectors firmly. If you still have the problem at that point I'm at a loss, I've never had much luck with LCD or Plasma repair.
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