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Led strip turn signal


New Member
Hi all, so before I do some damage to my car I need your advice
I want to install this cool led turn signal strips


And since there is already a nice gap between hood and light (front and back) and they fit perfectly, but:

When the car is off everything is working perfectly but as soon I turn the engine on the voltage drops down (around 10v) and the strip is not working.

Do you have any ideas about how could I get stable 12v from turn signal. I am thinking to use relay but I am not sure...


Well-Known Member
did you notice the first thing mentioned in the q&a at bottom of page?
what is the wattage on the original flasher bulb?

my drl flickers when connected - is the module defective ?

It's likely your cars PCM doesnt like LED's and you either need a load resistor or you need to wire the running LED into something else. Say the radio fuse wiring. Or you can buy a 10 amp Fuse Tap and wire it that way.

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