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LED Strip Panel Lighting for Video & Photography Easy DIY And Very Effective

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The panel i made is with 4000K of 15 meters LED Strips. Chose the 4000K "neutral white" because is not the very warm white but not either very cold white like the 6000K are. Led Strip is rated 430 Lums/m so 15 X 430= 6450 Lums For The power supply i used a simple 12V DC 6A (72 Watt) Plexiglass used 500mm X 500mm 3mm white color


Tony Stewart

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I believe those stripleds can also run off 14.2V for max power rating, but then a sheetmetal base with ribs for heat transfer and ribs for structural. I might have included some deep RED stripleds for slightly better CRI with 5000K white. Nice low cost planar light source.
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