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LED matrix

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I just want to ask if anybody know how to implement 8x8 LED matrix? I really need to know the right circuit. My project use PIC16F74 as microcontroller


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:D I have just started using these MAX7219 and they do what I want - serial control, 8x8 LED MATRIX. lots of others too on the max website that may better suit your need, but this worked great for me


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Well, your pic has enough pins to do it directly, there is no need for the MAX7249 chip or any other, just connect them as the name says, in a matrix. Only requires 16 pins, you've got lots more


I agree w/ weegee in that the MAX7219 would be well suited to drive your 8x8 matrix LED. It would free up your microcontroller from the mundane business of driving the displays, making more time available to process your data. It will require only three output pins from your uC to serially drive any number of displays. For each 8x8 matrix, you'll need one 7219. JB
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