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LED Matrix - Illogical pin-out

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I want to know why the 8 x 8 LED arrays that I bought recently have such an illogical pin-out. The anodes appear on 5,2,7,1,12,8,14,9 and the cathodes appear on 13,3,4,10,6,11,15,16 (in that order). I'm using more than one array, but not in a switched matrix.

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Because it is relatively expensive to have wires cross over each other inside the assembly (added insulation and assembly steps) or inside an integrated circuit. Anything to prevent that lowers cost, including pushing a weird pinout onto the user. Look at the pinouts for older TTL ICs versus newer ones, like the 74LS373 versus the 573. The later "flat" pinout came after years of grumbling, and with a higher price.

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