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LED Dimmer circuits

Can anyone help …. I am trying to control about 10 GU10 LED mains voltage lamps But the dimmer I have made up doesn't work very well . the kit is a velleman kit K8028 multifunctional Dimmer is programable using an onboard e prom. which works very well on tungsten lighting BUT not LED.
The project idea was to slow start when entering the room 0/100 % in 3 sec full brightness holding for 20 mins then slowly fading out over 45 sec.
anyway it very erratic and flickers and switches off early : can anyone help or suggest something that will work or indeed suggest a modification to this exciting Circuit.

Nigel Goodwin

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It's a standard phase shift dimmer circuit, for incandescent bulbs, so won't work with 'normal' non-dimmable LED bulbs. You might like to look at this page, which sells dimmable LED GU10's and mentions potential problems, even with those:

You could also consider moving to Philips Hue bulbs (and use Alexa or whatever to control them), but make sure you're sat down before you check their price.

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