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LED Circuit Help

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Hi All,

I have a project that is driving me crazy.... I'm sure it is simple but I am a newbie to this all....

Ok, It is basically a momentary switch that triggers channel switching on a guitar amp. I have a 9v supply available at my pedalboard for powering effects processors which could be used to drive this project.

So, we have a momentary contact switch that needs to light (and keep on or off depending on status....I would actually like to use a dual color LED (green/red) to show channel status if possible. A push on/push off switch will not work because you have to hit it twice to toogle the amp then.

I would imagine it to be some type of latching IC ... is that correct? Is there a simple circuit you can recommend?

But again, I am VERY newbie.... so handholding or oversimplification is a good thing in my case... I can follow a schematic fairly well though... unless it becomes super difficult...

Is this enough info to go on??? Thanks



Ouch... I said that already
(this is a continuation of a separate thread)

I suggested a possible flip flop driven from the same momentary switch.
One opf the other kind members suggested that also but then said there really is no need for it..... that there should be a much simpler way to go.... I hope there is....
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