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LED Bargraph thermometer opinion...

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I've attached a photo of a 12 LED bargraph type thermometer, It indicates temperature by color, blue cold, green normal, red hot.


if the display was behind smoked glass it would be hard IMO to tell which of the 4 LEDs in a set was lit. Can you think of a better way to display room temperature at a glance with a bargraph type display.


R= red, B= blue, G= Green, A= amber

RRAAGBGAARR (blue being ideal and normally lit while the other leds light above or below it)



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How 'annoying proof' do you want it? You could always have the 'OFF' leds flashing to show there position and the 'ON' LED solid to distinguish it, or the other way around. Or you could have the 'OFF' leds just dimmer, so you can still see the ON LED's position in the bargraph.
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